Since its incorporation in April of 1998, WindWalker Enterprises Ltd. has been a wholly owned and privately held company by Director Ed Fenn. In the first couple years of business WindWalker Enterprises Ltd was run as an Owner Operated company and there were no employees. Over the years the business has expanded to include many new positions, including Drivers, Office Personnel and Shop Hands.

In the spring of 2002 Ed became aware of the SECOR program offered by the Alberta Motor Transportation Association. He pursued the SECOR program in hopes of simplifying record keeping, enhancing the company image and improving safety measures. He felt this would be useful in marketing and maintaining a successful business.

In the summer of 2004 he took the opportunity to expand his business, adding more tractors, trailers, and additional staff, all in order to meet customer demand. From 2004 to 2008 the company was reconfigured, becoming more efficient and advertising more by creating a webpage in 2006, using promotional items, company events and local sponsorship of community events.

We at WindWalker Enterprises Ltd. have always made Safety our HIGHEST priority, with the belief that Health must be maintained to enjoy profits made from the company. This attitude has proved to be motivating amongst our personnel, as we refuse to request anyone to do any job we would not do personally.

This approach has been highly successful in building a small, but always secure business with satisfied customers, and content personnel. We are VERY proud of our safety record and our personnel retention. To date we now have bragging rights that we found useful as a marketing tool. This month marks fifteen years in business WITHOUT a Loss of Time Accident, personnel injury requiring medical attention, or vehicular incident where we have been found at fault. In the future we intend to continue to pursue our so far perfect safety record,



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