Unit 101

The Mack'O'Saurus

Unit 115

The Pokey Puppy

This is our original hauler, capibale of hauling 26 tonn payload on loyboys and a 27 tonn payload on bulkers. equiped with full locking rear ends this unit will go where no others can when you need it most. This beautiful dog was rigged up specialy by Nortrux in Edmonton Ab. They took all the comforts of a long haul unit and Macks CXN 460. This unit is rigged up with the latest 30 tonn braydun hydraulic winch wich allows the operator to perform a smooth soft touch to load all your fragile equiptment.


Unit 119

The Mega Mack


Unit 129

The Blew Mule


This is our heavy haul unit speced for severe duty applications from double frame rails, Low ratio gearing to its power house ISX565 that can haul up to 32 metric ton in the bulkers and 31 metric ton on Tridem Loyboys This mule of a truck is equipted with a specially tuned 550 6NZ Cat engine. This severe service unit will go places most others wouldnt dare and pull the heaviest loads. And just like the mule its named after, ``thar aint no quit in er``


Unit 127

Old Smokey


Unit 114L

Tridem Scissor Neck Low Boy

Even our equipment has experience getting the job done. No computer necessary on this fully mechanical '73 kenworth winch tractor. When "git er done" has already been done. We have a system to get you in and out during the road ban season. Here we have a gas tester loaded on one of our scissor neck low boys to get on a banned road into location.


Unit 118B

The Tridem Cyclone Bulker


Unit 132B & 132P

Pneumatic Super-Bs

Tridem Bulkers and Tridem Cyclone bulker available upon request, up to 32 tonn capable. 2012 Polar Super-Bs Available for highway work, capable of a 43 tonn payload.

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